Grab Bag is back!

3 PIECES @ $50



Please send all orders through WhatsApp (96835217) in the following format:


Mailing address (for normal & registered mail)

Proof of payment (see below)

1. Item 1 / back up item or colour

2. Item 2 / back up item or colour

3. Item 3 / back up item or colour


Please make payment to:

PayNow (+65) 96835217

Screenshot your SMS of successful payment with time stamp as proof for verification purposes.

All payment will be verified within 12 hours and your bags will be confirmed by then.

*Kindly remember to transfer the corresponding charges for preferred shipping mode.

Terms & Conditions

1. Postage not included (see below)

2. Applicable to orders and payment made between 22 to 24 March 2018 only

3. Select any 3 items (non-BN)

4. Top up $5 for every additional BN item

5. Strictly NO combining of orders

6. Payment within 24 hours or by 24 March 2018 23:59h, whichever earlier

7. First pay first serve basis (back up item required in case of OOS)

8. All parcels will be mailed by Monday (26 March 2018)

Postage fees

1. Normal mail: +$3

2. Registered mail: +$6

3. No combining bags

4. Meetup@NTU(llaollao): FOC (26-28 March 2018)

So happy with my new top!

Never been so over the moon that I cited a top, I had to wear it the next day 😂😂

So I dropped by LB ytd but there weren’t any Teal XS on display. M was the smallest. Took it to the fitting room and asked for either S or XS. SA came back to me ca. 15 min later with S which was too loose. So I asked for XS but she said gotta check and didn’t exactly come back to me given that she was piled under clothes outside the fitting room (she’s the only one tending to the area).

So I decided to just head to the counter and try my luck. Saw two ladies before me and one of them was holding onto the Teal piece. I couldn’t see what size but when I got to the cashier, she asked for 2 pcs in XS for Teal and White. Cashier said that white is completely sold out but said ok for Teal. My heart skipped a few beats I think? 😂 Bc while I contemplated whether to join the Q or wait for the fitting room SA, these two ladies became ahead of me.

And if they got the last 2 pieces I would really just die there hahha. Thankfully, my cashier managed to get a piece for me in Teal!! TOTALLY SCORE MOMENT hahaha.

But the other piece I intended to buy didn’t have new piece in store so I only bought the Teal top (which is what I went for anyway).

I think I’ve never left a shop this accomplished before 🙈

I also popped by TTR’s but the new maxi didn’t appeal to me that much irl. So I just gave the launch a miss. Heh

And I should totally post the story of this boots too.

Also from #LB. Bought maybe 2-3 wks app online, size 36. Was contemplating between 36 and 37 but gambled. When it came and I tried them on, right side was just nice and tight while left side was loose. Initially I wondered if my feet had such huge discrepancies in size. Then, I checked the sizing for each boot and turns out, right side is 36 while left is 37?!


How can sia?! The box is 36 tho lol.

So ofc i emailed LB for an exchange and opted for 37 instead as it would have a more comfortable allowance. Luckily it was still in stock and they granted my exchange for a different size.

Still, I wonder how the different size boots can end up in the same box 😂🙈

Celebrating 瓜哥’s last day with Macs & Starbucks! 🤗


I’m not sure if that’s the medium (top left) and small (top right) Gabby but if it is, the small is really hell small? Lol. But I saw someone carrying the medium today and it seems a little over for a weekend bag. I don’t think I’m considering a Gabby as a work bag for now so I think I might be better off going with small?

But anyway,

How do you girls get approval from the husbands?!

My hub is seriously disapproving of designer bags. And to have more than 1 is almost like an impossible idea to him. Bc he literally asked me “what about your this one?” (Referring to my pink boy when I mentioned I’m aiming for Gabby next) How do you girls out there convince your hubs?

My current aspirations for C bags are:

1) Bright Boy ✔️
2) Bright Gabby 🔜 (aiming iridescent/gold)
3) Black Classic Flap (far future)

Also eyeing G’s Marmont flap/camera bag. But possibly the latter if I’m getting Classic flap.

Also, does anyone have recommendations on which Chanel store I should visit in Paris?

Apart from Rue Cambon duh haha. I’ll def visit Rue Cambon but I heard the bag selection ain’t fantastic. If I’m looking at handbags and SLG only, which other boutique would be good?

Thanks in advance! ^^

This purple also chio leh. But I wonder if they still have stock for these colours which don’t belong to the current season. Heh


I probably should stop stalking IG right now. Lol


Oh ya, and today my love for LV Speedy was rekindled when I saw someone carrying it along Orchard. Hahah. Maybe that one can be my work bag aim lol. But I’m hoping the inner lining can be hot pink or something. Not sure what they have to offer nowadays heh

Monogram? This is the 25 I found online

Or Damier?

My Neverfull is white Damier now and I really love it. I think it’s down the strap, which I can’t decide if I like brown or beige more. Haha

Anyone heading to LB today?


Will anyone be heading to LB store today?

I’m looking for Haniela Funnel Neck Knit Top in Teal XS! Was hoping if anyone could help me snag it and available for meet up in the city (Bugis) next Tuesday (20Mar)?

I have the urge to spend the money I haven’t earned 😂

Not sure if this suits me? Hmm

Zara!!! Why does this have to be $229 😭😭😭

Interviews are truly like exams. I am nervous as hell but want to get it over and done with ASAP. 🙄

It’s official! Another flash sale!

Gogogo now~

Find me 👉🏻 SLIQUEE

Terms & Conditions:

1. Applicable to ALL skirts (maxi, midi, mini, etc) in this Carousell acc
2. Subject to availability
3. First pay first serve
4. Payment completed within 24h or by 8 Mar 2018 23:59, whichever earlier
5. Payment to PayNow: 96835217
6. All normal & registered mails will be posted by 12 March 2018 (Monday)
7. All meet ups will be conducted on 12-15 March 2018 (12-5pm @ NTU Koufu)
8. No enquiries will be entertained (aka no real photos, no extra measurements, etc)

This is too in time!!! But $89.90 😭😭

Has anyone seen this in stores? I probably should go try it irl before deciding to bomb my cc. Heh~

#lovebonito #lbexperience #LB

Flash sale again, starting tomorrow!

Always first dips for my Dayre followers~


Is this what it feels like to dread going to work?

So bored~~~~~

And I miss my hubby more than usual today. Isit PMS coming?!